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As the sun slowly rose the burst of colors was incredible. From the ridge I was on, the mountain tops looked like islands sticking out of the valley fog. As the sun started to come over the horizon the valley fog began to roll up the mountains in feathery wisps. It was one of the most incredible scenes I had ever witnessed. But I didn't have a camera.
As we walked across a meadow we something move at the edge of the treeline. We had seen grizzly bear tracks earlier and wondered if this might be a cub. As far as I am concerned a grizzly cub is one of the most dangerous things to come across because mama is somewhere close. Although it was the size of a young cub, it just didn't look right. It finally turned so we could see its tail. There is only one animal with that slightly wide multi-color tail. It was a wolverine, one of only four in the whole region according to the game warden. But I didn't have a camera.

I cherish those memories, but it would mean more if I could share them. Often a very special moment is just that, a moment frozen in time that will never be repeated.

Whether an event, a special occasion, or someone you love, our memories are made up of those special moments in time. That to me is the essence of photography. I would like to help you with those memories, both to keep and to share.